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ABOUT ANGIE @girlrambo

Professional Actress, Photographer and Makeup Artist

I specialize in beauty/lifestyle/fitness photography.  In my personal photo business @headshotsbyangelstudio I niche out model portfolio builds and actor headshots.  I also do beauty and commercial makeup– I even teach talent to do their own makeup for their sessions and do reels about this on instagram as well as how to get ready for shoots with makeup, choosing looks, and more, in addition to general beauty and wellness. This often can be incorporated into organic reels with your brand. 

I share content on getting ready and prepared for photoshoots mentally, physically and in beauty, fashion and wellness aspects along the way!  I would love to integrate this with yours if it’s a fit! Organically all of my posts inspire faith, embracing one’s unique beauty, wellness, joy-filled living & creativity. I also sometimes share my acting, creative skits, travel, mindset and wellness to my following.



Lifestyle & Personal Branding Photographer

LET'S CHAT about strategic, ongoing brand content creation, a collab, or both!

I am available for collaborations and/or ongoing content creation for healthy, fun and positive brands. I believe in emphasizing unique beauty and in encouraging women to be their best, beautiful selves and to kick comparison back to hell! I love helping to empower women to feel confident and to be the beautiful person God made them. 

I shoot in both Los Angeles, CA and SLC, UT with a wide array of gorgeous backdrops-and can create content while traveling as I travel often.

Upcoming Trips that can be incorporated into content creation/collabs/brand photography:
Las Vegas September 2022
Los Angeles, CA September 2022
Greece Trip 2022 Oct/Nov 2022

service options

It is best that we hop on a 15 minute discovery call so I can hear more about your needs and create ideas, mood boards, and options for service packages that could best serve your needs.

I can either model AND create brand photography for you, OR I can strictly shoot product, or I can shoot product using other models, and solely  creative direct behind the camera.  I also offer a combination of all.  

I also offer photography with products (no models) (or using models) and offer this both  in studio or lifestyle options with natural light. (or both).

I also offer just collaborations and makeup tutorials and reels for select brands.

I CAN shoot for you lifestyle/product/brand photography. Again I can use my network of models for this, shoot product only, or use myself as the model, or a combination of any. 


Please contact me to discuss content creation, brand photography and/or a collab for your brand. I look forward to working with you and creating relatable, beautiful content to connect your brand your audience on a deep level.


With Love,

Angie Papanikolas
angelstudio7@gmail.com or 310-993-7502

Fashion & Beauty Photographer for Beauty and Lifestyle Brands

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