Lifestyle and Branding Photography can be used for a variety of needs including social media content for your art or your business, website usage, photos for public relations or imdb, for modeling portfolios, public speaking, or any usage for your personal brand or your business. They really help show who you are and what you do in a fun way to your viewers.

Branding, Wellness & Lifestyle Photo Shoot for Leia Sergakis, Wellness Host, Influencer and Model.


We created this customized session to include not only actor headshots, but we wanted to capture and incorporate Leia’s vibe and essence. In order to best do this, we decided to add some lifestyle and branding photography to her session. Doing so was a fun way to showcase the variety of things Leia does and show her hobbies and passions. We also wanted a Grecian Influence added into her Wellness Vibes, so we decided on style and location which was perfect for what we wanted and her style! And later, we also got some gorgeous hosting style and commercial shots for her while doing this, in addition to some theatrical acting shots for her.

This combo package that features branding and lifestyle plus headshots, is a great choice for a variety of needs and uses. This was a customized session based on our chats and what she was currently doing and needing.

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Let me help you decide if lifestyle and branding photography could benefit your career in the entertainment industry In acting, modeling, hosting and/or your business profession.