Spencer Belnap, Bearded Bad Tough Guy Roles, Strategic Actor Branding Headshots with Angel Studio

Spencer contacted me when he had grown out his beard and was getting ready to cut it. He didn’t have a headshot to submit for these types of “tough guy” roles. Spencer said he gets booked often as the anti-hero or the tough guy, and he didn’t have those sort of photos. I watched his awesome reel of a film of him doing just that- and got to work brainstorming wardrobe ideas and vibes for him! Together we got some amazing headshots! And we also got some variety for him within this range. We shot the “tough, don’t mess with him boss, edgy look”, to the “off the street- living dangerous- and not afraid to get his hands dirty look”– to the “international con” look, to the “western cowboy.”


I first had him send me some of his recent pics, so I could see his coloring and recommend some colors for the tough and grittier vibes of what we were going for, also keeping In mind what looked great on him. Then I asked him some of his dream roles or genres. I keep it pretty simple and ask my clients some questions and then I run with it and give wardrobe ideas based on this and your coloring, and what you could really play well.

This was one of my favorite shoots! He is the good bad guy you want on your team! That is for sure!