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· Welcome to The Joy-Filled, A-Lister. A blog by Angie Papanikolas for Creatives & Actors Navigating a Successful Career in Entertainment, and Thriving ·

Welcome to The Joy-Filled, A-Lister. A blog by Angie Papanikolas.

You are probably here because you are either drawn to, or are in the Entertainment Industry in some way. Welcome! This blog is especially geared toward actors & creatives to help encourage and guide along your journey. My heart in this blog is to really encourage actors & creatives to stay balanced and to find joy and purpose in what you are doing, as a career in Hollywood is a long-haul and as you know (mostly) doesn’t happen overnight. I’m glad you are here. Here you will find tips to not help you get to the top, but to be truly successful by following your unique calling and defining your purpose in the entertainment industry as a creative and storyteller. It doesn’t mean selling your soul to be successful, In fact that would be quite the opposite, so be encouraged.

I hope this blog helps you to:

1)Redefine your thoughts on the Entertainment Industry and connect to your purpose & giftings- finding a deep purpose of what drew you to this amazing and crazy industry in the first place beyond what you think

2)To discover alot of joy and even deeper purpose in being a creative–a creative that can greatly impact and uplift other’s lives–what a gift this is! It is all about perspective and mindset is KEY in this industry (or any) and for happiness & joy; The truth is we need story! Storytelling is a must and essential! and you are part of this.

I pray this blog blesses & encourages you as you go on your Hollywood adventure. Topics include Hollywood advice, networking tips, pro makeup for photos, LA photo shoot headshot services, photoshoot tips, branding, photoshoot prep, wellness, joy-filled living, balanced living as an actor and creative, behind the scenes of shoots and of hollywood sets, beauty trends, hotspots for networking, travel spots for getaways to decompress, anti-aging, etc. leave a comment to connect with me! also sign up to get on the list for new post alerts, headshot tips, specials, and a my pro photo makeup class coming soon!
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The Joy-Filled, A-List Blog For Actors & Creatives

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