Actor. Photographer. Joy Seeker. Photo Makeup Educator

Spartan. Lively. Kind Hearted.



My purpose in the Entertainment Industry

I am a 3rd generation, Greek-American Actress with Spartan & Cretan decent. I am obsessed with dark coffee, chocolate, joy-filled living, prayer, acting, photography and storytelling. I love having fun with my big, fun Greek family, close friends, and 3 bulldogs.. I also love kitchen (or club) dance parties. I love life and am drawn to the story of the heart that we don't always share with the world or one another. I believe that sharing and connecting of hearts is a God-given gift to help encourage and guide us; Storytelling is a gift and a must! That calling and purpose is what draws me to the entertainment industry as an actor and a creative artist. I have always been interested in others' hearts and stories. I also love encouraging others to follow their heart, heal, and live joyfully & courageously to go after the dreams God placed in their hearts. I find a lot of joy in all of this. I also love helping people in the industry live joy-filled and with purpose, as they navigate a career in the entertainment industry, as this does not happen overnight. I also am a headshot photographer & Photo Makeup Educator. I am very passionate about helping entrepreneurs, creatives and actors get striking headshots that strongly market themselves, to help open more doors in their career. I look forward to connecting with you and meeting you in this journey!